Monday, May 2, 2016

In Honor of USS Midway CV-41 Part 2 of 2…

A Century of November will always maintain a heartfelt connection to the Men and Women who have supported and sacrificed for their families, communities and country.

Once again, the development of the feature film  A Century of November is put into perspective and yet again it seems to pale in comparison, when stepping foot onto a legendary aircraft carrier that has provided air support, withstood and survived countless encounters, once again, standing the test of time as one of the only remaining U.S. aircraft carriers of the World War II Era that is not of Essex-class.

Recently, producer Nicolas Awde had the opportunity and the honor of walking in the footsteps of the navy on board the USS Midway CV-41 Aircraft Carrier.

Learning and feeling the history, he walked through with great appreciation and respect, every corridor, hallway, room, quarters, offices and again too many other place to name. He continued through every nook and cranny on the entire aircraft carrier below deck.

Above Deck was another story…

The planes, fighter jets and choppers were “amazing” he said. "You were able to get into most of them and sit down and feel what it was like to be encapsulated inside" he continued.

The great minds and back breaking hard work that it took to design, build and deploy this marvel upon the sea to serve, support and protect many countries and nations around the world is a tribute to the enduring spirit of mankind.

The USS Midway CV-41 Aircraft Carrier and the USS Iowa BB-61 Battleship are massive upgrades since the end of The Great War on November 11th, 1918.

Thank you… Once again, it was an honor to walk on, listen and learn about the USS Midway CV-41 Aircraft Carrier he stated.

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