Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Honor of USS Iowa BB-61 Part 1 of 2…

    A Century of November continues to have many positives and special moments in development as a feature film.

Beginning with, learning and researching about the forgotten history of the First World War. The stories, the sacrifices, the journey’s, the trials and tribulations, the strength of families, nations and countries ability to endure.

Followed by, recreating aspects of the First World War for a proof-of-concept promotional teaser that maintained an onsite sense of appreciation for what human beings tolerated. 

From holding genuine weapons and artillery shell casings, to trying on replica uniforms and clothing, to firing authentic rifles...

...all the while creating the worst possible conditions to accurately portray the nearly unimaginable environment human beings were subject to.

At times, it can seem to pale in comparison, to stepping foot onto a legendary battleship that has withstood and survived countless encounters, standing the test of time.

Recently, producer Nicolas Awde had the opportunity and the honor to walk in the footsteps of the navy on board the Iowa-Class Battleship.

He met and spoke with some vets, listened to speeches about the various routes that the battleship took through many excursions and asked many first hand questions about serving on BB-61.  

He described the comparison of researching, working and developing a feature film project with the canvas of the First World War to stepping foot on a Battleship that had served through many wars and survived WW2, The Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm.  

“Unbelievable” he stated as he stood in front of turret #2

His ongoing appreciation and respect, for all the people, through the decades who served on the USS Iowa continued to explore every facet of the mighty battleship.

This included the President, Captain and Crew quarters and living conditions. The radio room, lookouts, control room’s, strategy and planning areas, corridors with seeming endless hallways and so many other areas… too many to name…

Thank you… It was an honor to walk on, listen and learn about the USS Iowa Class BB-61 Battleship he stated.

To be continued…