Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reflecting on a moment: First studio recording;

Created throughout the development of A Century of November, the company decided to storyboard some images, to produce an animated presentation based on the reviews of the novel A Century of November.

This was one of the first concepts completed to build a visual foundation on story and characters.

Everything was completed throughout one day in a recording studio. Many days of research and prep were involved in gathering all the elements to make it happen.

Studio time started with an amazing individual who is dedicated to carrying on the art and tradition of Morse Code. Her name is Lavina Shaw of the Morse Telegraph Club. The telegraph clicking sounds accurately depict all the words appearing in the animated presentation.

The Studio recording session concluded with the very talented violinist & songwriter Susie Mares Suzka Music playing various connecting tones and themes off words and images.

The final words chosen, were from the novel;

A haunting story, of the power and death, the pain of loss with the possibility of hope during a time of war.

A Century of November Conceptual Animated Presentation

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